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Pat Nolan

Pat Nolan, who holds a law degree, served for fifteen years in the California State Assembly, four of those as the Assembly Republican leader. He was a leader on crime issues, particularly on behalf of victims’ rights. Nolan was one of the original sponsors of the Victims’ Bill of Rights (Proposition 15) and was awarded the “Victims Advocate Award” by Parents of Murdered Children. He was named Legislator of the Year by many groups including the Amvets for his work on behalf of Vietnam veterans.

He was targeted for prosecution for a campaign contribution he accepted. The contribution turned out to be part of an FBI sting. Nolan pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering. He served twenty-nine months in a federal custody.

After his release, Pat Nolan became president of Justice Fellowship, the criminal justice reform arm of Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship.

Justice Fellowship works to reform the criminal justice system based on the principles of restorative justice found in the Bible. They work with government officials to find practical ways to apply restorative justice to help victims, reform the hearts of offenders, and restore a sense of community to neighborhoods long plagued by crime. A major focus of Justice Fellowship’s efforts is ensuring that offenders are better prepared to live healthy, productive, law-abiding lives on their release.

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