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Michael Sweig

Michael SweigMichael Sweig is emerging as a strong justice system reform advocate. His forthcoming book
is "In Felony's Mirror: Reflections on Pain and Promise." An excerpt can be read here. This excerpt from Michael Sweig's book is the basis for a case study for law, business and criminal justice education. The Chicago Tribune recently profiled Sweig in "From Practicing Law to Changing it", by Dawn Turner Trice - Chicago Tribune August 1, 2010. Sweig was the principal lobbyist for an Illinois bill which Governor Pat Quinn called "noble" legislation. Effective January 1, 2010, Senate Bill 1050 (P.A. 96-852) put Illinois in a class by itself for the sweeping remedies it provides people with criminal records to prove their rehabilitation, and the protections it gives employers to hire them. The Illinois Senate President last year appointed Sweig to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Task Force on Inventorying Employment Restrictions. In 2009, Illinois State Rep. Constance A. Howard recognized Sweig "for his invaluable contribution to legislative initiatives designed to assist those who have paid their debt to society and seek a second chance to become productive citizens..." Sweig has been disbarred on consent from the Illinois Bar, since Summer 1998. He voluntarily turned himself in for a previously resolved client trust account violation in 1995, pled guilty to a felony, and completed a 48-month probation sentence of one year of home confinement and 500 hours of community service. Sweig has been eligible to petition the Illinois Supreme Court for reinstatement of his law license since Summer 2001, but for now chooses not to do so.

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