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Michael Levin

On June 14, 2001, Michael Levin, a former FBI Agent of 8 years was arrested by the FBI  in Long Island, New York for distributing stolen FBI criminal documents pertaining to active FBI investigations.  At the time of his arrest, Levin was a Private Investigator specializing in criminal defense for clients located throughout the United States.

For a period of 5 days, Levin cooperated with the FBI wearing a wire and recording telephone calls to numerous individuals he had previously sold FBI documents.  As a result of his cooperation over a dozen individuals located throughout the United States were arrested and later convicted for their role in purchasing stolen FBI criminal documents.  Levin plead guilty and was ultimately sentenced to 30 months in Federal Prison .  26 months were ultimately served- for which 12 of those months were spent in solitary confinement as a result of his former law enforcement status.

Subsequently, Levin’s cooperation helped the FBI revamp it’s internal security/data procedures creating new safeguards that prevent and protect vital FBI sensitive criminal information from being disseminated illegally by unauthorized personal.  

Today, Levin owns a successful business called the Parking Team that specializes in parking solutions for Private Property Owners which includes Apartments and HOA’s located throughout Southern Nevada.

Levin is also co-founder of the popular controversial radio show called “Keeping it Real - with Mike and Jeff” which airs Monday thru Friday on 970 KNUU (AM).  The show can be heard via the internet by going to .  Besides commenting and interviewing unique Guests, Levin makes it a priority in interviewing Ex-Cons that have struggled, however, been successful in their personal and professional lives.  Levin utilizes his Radio Show to bring awareness to the struggles of ex-cons, and how important it is to assist those who are struggling in their daily lives.

With the success of the Radio show, Levin was inspired to help those individuals that were recently released from Federal Prison encountering difficult times in finding jobs, healing relationships, etc.  Levin founded a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fellowship, assistance, and networking for non-violent white collar criminals.  New members whom have pledged their support on the radio show for include former Clark County Commissioner Dario Herrera who was sentenced to 50 months in Federal Prison for his role in accepting bribes in exchange for favorable county zoning/construction projects.

Levin has been a resident of Las Vegas since 1990 with the exception of his serving 26 months in New York/Arizona.  Levin is happily married and commutes every month to see his three wonderful kids currently residing in Washington State.

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