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Michael Anders

Michael Anders started an unsuccessful career as a bank robber to finance his gambling habit. The second place he robbed was the bank where his wife had worked for more than 20 years. He was quickly caught and sent to prison, at which time his wife divorced him. While incarcerated Michael experienced a dramatic conversion to Christ. Following his release he successfully adapted and began the Michael Anders Prison Ministry, to assist those in prison and ex-offenders looking for a better life. Over time Michael got his life back, and, believe it or not, eventually got his wife back (they re-married). As his reputation in the community grew as someone who had completely changed and now significantly contributing to society rather than taking from it, Michael received a $5,000 grant from one of the banks he had robbed. The bank knew full well that he had robbed them. Today he operates his successful ministry, and also runs a moving company that only employs ex-offenders.

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