Success Stories
Kevin and Susan Smith

Click here to read the wonderful success story published in The Seattle Times about Kevin and Susan Smith. They both started to manufacture meth at their home. The Seattle Times reported that “One morning in 1998, Susan Smith was on the phone with a real-estate agent when federal agents swarmed into the house. The next thing she knew she was face down on the floor, a gun pointed at her head. She heard her children scream in fright as they were roused from bed by police.” Convicted of conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance, Smith was released after spending almost four years of a five-year sentence in a federal prison in California. Kevin had been released earlier and was waiting for her. Using a re-entry program that the state of Washington offers, “Smith and her husband parlayed their post-incarceration training in food services into jobs. The couple were not only able to get back on their feet, but eventually were able to purchase a home. Smith now finds herself counseling other former inmates as they struggle to readapt to the world outside prison walls.” The article also reported that “Smith -- now manager of one cafe and about to take on expanded duties as manager of a second cafe at a new Lexus dealership -- exemplifies exactly what (Department of Corrections) officials hope for.” The Smiths are now tax payers and productive in their community instead of tax burdens in the prison system.

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