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Justin Paperny

Justin Paperny was released from federal prison in 2009 after serving an 18-month sentence as a consequence of a single count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. After graduating University of Southern California as a student-athlete in 1997, Justin had built a thriving career as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns and UBS. Interactions with his senior partner and a client, who operated a Ponzi scheme, were at the nexus of his conviction.

Prison afforded Justin the opportunity to reevaluate the patterns of his life. He tried to document his recalibration through his daily prison blog at and also in his newly published book Lessons From Prison. Recounting the story of his childhood, career, and prison experiences, Lessons From Prison is a first-hand account of Justin’s journey through life and the criminal justice system: from his successes and failures to his moral development and ultimate redemption.

Numerous professionals have endorsed Lessons From Prison, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar who wrote the following: "Justin's book Lessons From Prison is a fine example of the 'cautionary tale.’ His honesty and willingness to bear the responsibility for his actions makes it possible for the reader to learn from his mistakes.  It is in every sense a forthright and honest accounting and it should be a great teaching tool.

Following his release from prison, Justin began speaking to businesses and university students across the country. His goal is to help others understand the consequences that inevitably follow poor decision-making and unethical behavior.

Justin also counsels defendants and their families as they tackle the life altering experience of the criminal justice system. Justin strives to teach every incoming prisoner that with commitment and hard work anything is possible, even from prison.

For more information, including book rates and speaking information, please contact Justin at, or through e-mail at

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