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James Williams

James Williams of Georgia has a remarkable success story of someone re-entering society from prison life. Almost two decades ago, Williams was convicted on a drug case and was sentenced in 1991 to 25 years in Fitzgerald, Georgia. On top of that sentence, he was sentenced by the federal government (Augusta, Georgia) in 1992 to 100 months. Williams was released from federal prison December 30, 2005 and was released from federal supervised release January, 2007 and from the state of Georgia parole June, 2008. Immediately after his 2005 prison release, he used his previous skills and became a productive citizen in society. Williams is an excellent electrician in Savannah, Georgia and he is well appreciated by his customers. What is most remarkable about Williams' story is that he spends every week in Savannah, Georgia where he works, then drives three hours every weekend to Warner Robins, Georgia in order to be with his daughter, Lori, and grandchildren. He continues to be a constant source of encouragement to his daughter and grandchildren and he is extremely involved with their lives. Williams sets the standard on how one should re-enter society after serving time in prison.

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