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Fox Rich

Fox Rich describes in her testimony that she has been to hell and back. And that she is on a mission to keep others from making the same journey. It's a story of her life then as compared to her life now, and above all, God's Grace.

Then: She was a successful educator and entrepreneur who became a felon, facing nearly 300 years in prison. Now: She has been a long-standing member of the Louisiana Governor's Board for Juvenile Delinquency and Prevention and a nationally touring motivational speaker. Then: She spent time in four Louisiana correctional facilities before earning an early release. Now: Since incarceration she has had her own popular television show, a radio show and is currently pursuing her PhD in the Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University.

Fox Rich is fed up with the exploding rate of incarceration in the US and in Louisiana. She finds the incarceration rate UNACCEPTABLE!! And she is doing something about it. Incarceration is the most dangerous epidemic facing black and poor communities today. It is also one of the most profitable industries in the nation. The United States leads the world in incarceration, with 2.3 million persons behind bars. Louisiana leads the US.

Fox Rich is the National Coordinator for L.R.N.D. Living Responsibly Never Deviating, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of incarceration by raising awareness through education. In 2005, students named Fox Rich, "The Realest Motivational Speaker of the 21st Century." Her recently-released autobiography, "The One That Got Away," details her experiences. Now she is reaching out across the country with a seminar that exposes all sides of the criminal justice equation.

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